Mobile DJ and Photobooth Hire in Coffs Harbour – Call us on ​0417 209 375

Mobile DJ and Photobooth Hire in Coffs Harbour – Call us on ​0417 209 375

Mobile DJ in Coffs Harbour NSW

Mobile DJ in Coffs Harbour NSW

With Pacific Blue Entertainment, you’re in good hands.

We guarantee to provide you with an experience that you will never forget. Our professional DJ understands the unique needs of different groups and all ages. You may need a mix of music genres and eras – our DJ will quickly assess your party needs to find that perfect mix. Importantly, we won’t drown out your event with music so loud no one can talk.

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Photo Booth Hire

Photo booth hire is the perfect addition for weddings, corporate functions, parties, formals, Uni balls, marketing events and product launches. They are nostalgic, fun and entertaining. They are often one of the most memorable aspects of any event.

Photo Booth

Photobooth photos are ALWAYS so much more fun than your ordinary photographer. They can often be more candid and much less inhibited in this over-posed, duck-faced era, but most importantly they evoke a sense of playfulness in everyone.

And just quietly photobooths double as the best babysitter money can by. Nothing keeps the kids quiet and entertained more than posing for about a gazillion photos.

We can provide cheap photo booth hire in Coffs Harbour for a children’s birthday party, bar and Bat Mitzvah, christening or just someone wanting a basic package. However, if you want to bring in the big guns, our HD booths may be more your thing – especially with social media capabilities that are awesome for corporate functions.  If you want a photo booth in Coffs Harbour we are your dude!

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Master of Ceremonies (MC) in Coffs Harbour

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

One of the most important roles you can play at another person’s wedding is the Master of Ceremonies (MC). The MC’s job is to make sure the evening goes as smoothly as possible, taking the pressure off the happy couple and allowing them to forget about the practical concerns of the event and focus on having a good time. It can be a little intimidating to try and get organized, but you can learn the role and nail the tone to make their wedding a great success.

Be familiar with the schedule of the event. While it’s not your party, you’re the one in charge of making it a success. As the MC, it’s our job to keep the event moving forward in a timely manner, keeping to the schedule and helping as best you can. Because of this, you need to be involved in the planning process, not so much to make decisions, but to make sure that you’re aware of the order of events and the time frame in which the events need to occur. The night belongs to the bride and groom, but it’s your job to help it happen without any problems.

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Wedding DJ in Coffs Harbour

Wedding DJ

This is what we do for a living, this fee is for a professional DJ who appropriately dressed for your wedding, and knows what he is doing to make your wedding a great trouble free success . After all entertainment for wedding Reception is one of the most important thing.

Why? The wedding DJ will be playing your Bridal party Entry Song, Music for the cutting the cake, Your bridal Waltz, as well as using the DJ sounds system for the introduction and announcement , entertaining your guests who usually at a wedding include everyone from kids to great grandparents. To risk this an inexperience DJ is just silly

Also, the wedding DJ sound system will be the your guest listen to for the speeches, the introduction of the bridal party, all other announcements , for this you need a professional clear undistorted sound system like ours, also all our wedding DJ and MC’s sounds systems comes with complete with quality shire wireless Microphone , just like your favourite artists use standard Equipment. This means the speeches can be done from any part of the room this is supplied at No extra charge.

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